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We are the Liquidity People®!

DRB Financial Solutions, LLC focuses on providing liquidity solutions to businesses and individuals with superior attentiveness through its various operating units. DRB Financial Solutions has invested in building a robust platform that can efficiently deliver capital to consumers and small-medium sized businesses.

DRB Financial Solutions has invested in building synergistic business units and continues to invest in the growth of its existing business lines while developing and/or acquiring new businesses. Fundamentally, it is a liquidity solutions platform.

DRB seeks out high quality but illiquid intangible property rights and claims that are held by individuals and small/medium sized businesses. DRB provides a monetization opportunity to the parties holding such assets. Custom crafted liquidity solutions are created for those opportunities and DRB’s origination platform, capital markets access and expertise are used to solve these types of liquidity mismatches. DRB Financial Solutions is majority owned by Blackstone Tactical Opportunities and a group of investors led by former leaders in the liquidity solutions space.

DRB Capital

DRB Capital is one of the most trusted annuity buyers in America offering liquidity solutions for individuals interested in selling future payments from a structured settlement or annuity when the existing payment schedule no longer meets their needs. As some of the industry pioneers, DRB Capital’s senior management team has decades of combined experience in purchasing structured settlements and annuities. DRB Capital purchases most types of annuity payments including but not limited to: owned annuities, structured settlements, guaranteed payments and life contingent payments. DRB works with insurance companies in providing liquidity solutions to their customers.


USClaims is one of the leading providers of liquidity to people involved in personal injury litigation. USClaims has provided over $300M in funding to individuals and attorneys in personal injury (“PI”) litigations. US Claims has over 20 years of experience helping plaintiffs and their attorneys during PI litigation, which often involves a lengthy process.

CRG Financial

CRG Financial is an industry leader offering creditors holding claims against bankrupt or restructuring entities an opportunity to receive immediate cash for their claims without the time and expense associated with managing those claims in bankruptcy proceedings that can take years to conclude. CRG helps get creditors their money fast and effectively.

Producer Advance

Producer Advance offers insurance producers fast, low-cost liquidity which enables them to keep their marketing engines at full throttle which is particularly important during open enrollment. Producer Advance is offering Commission Advance Funding to qualified, experienced and reputable insurance producers through select IMO’s.

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DRB Financial Solutions believes it is vital to be a leading and participant in any industry it enters. We are active members in the following key trade organizations
America Legal Finance Association (ALFA)

DRB, through its subsidiaries, is a member of ALFA with two seats on the Executive Board. ALFA monitors and participates in regulatory and legislative initiatives throughout the country. With over 31 members, ALFA represents the vast majority of the participants in the market. ALFA recently endorsed a Model Act for the regulation of litigation funding transactions at the July meeting of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL) and is seeking to advance a model law across the country.

The National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP)

NASP is the trade group which represents purchasers of structured settlements and annuities. NASP has been instrumental in protecting and promoting the industry and in negotiating with Federal and State lawmakers and judges. DRB’s Executive Chairman was one of the founding members of NASP while at Peachtree Settlement Funding and participates in numerous legislative and regulatory negotiations over the course of the last two decades.


Positioned to Deliver

DRB is debt free and funds its business operations with its own capital and bespoke, non-recourse asset-backed financing facilities and “take-out” arrangements. Being well capitalized puts the enterprise in a unique position in the market.

Personal Injury Litigation Funding:

Major banks and institutions support DRB’s by providing over $100 million in financing for these asset classes. These multi-year facilities provide ample room for DRB’s initiatives for the next three years.

Annuity Finance:

By partnering with a major insurance company, DRB has succeeded in closing a $600 million multi-year acquisition facility for annuity payments. This facility was launched in October 2014. This is a substantial accomplishment and puts DRB in the enviable position of having fully funded its annuity monetization businesses for the next three years.

DRB has closed over $1B in facilities and committed capital across its various business lines.

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