Innovative Optionality

DRB Financial Solutions, through its operating companies DRB Capital, USClaims, Echelon Medical Group, CRG Financial and Producer Advance creates liquidity solutions for individuals and small/medium sized businesses.


Many people receiving annuitized payments will, over the years, have a need for liquidity that the annuity payment cannot meet. It is at these times that DRB Capital steps in and re-structures the cash flows to more closely match the needs and desires of the annuitant. This can be accomplished in as little as three days. With over 10,000 people turning 65 years old every day, the liquidity needs of annuity recipients are ever-increasing. Learn More >>


“Structured settlement” is a term that refers to the resolution of a personal injury claim with a series of installment payments funded by an annuity. As often happens, planned payments do not match the current needs of the annuitant. Structured settlement payments may only be transferred pursuant to a qualified order issued by a state court judge after a “best interests” hearing. The judge reviews the transaction, ensures its compliance with the law and confirms whether it is in the best interest of the seller, taking into consideration the welfare and support needs of his/her dependents. In addition to Federal law, 48 states have explicit statutes in place providing consumer safeguards, including very thorough disclosures, the ability to rescind the agreement and the right to obtain independent professional advice. It is a unique process that DRB Capital has great experience in managing effectively and efficiently. Learn More >>


USClaims is a litigation finance company, based in Moorestown, New Jersey, which DRB acquired in July 2014. USClaims provides funding to attorneys on large, complex cases where the attorney of record may not have the requisite financial resources available to prepare the case for trial properly. This is particularly likely in mass torts and complex, catastrophic injury cases. Working with high-quality, experienced counsel, DRB provides liquidity solutions to the plaintiffs’ bar. Learn More >>


US Claims has 20 years of experience in the business. USClaims, with over $100M in principal outstanding and $100M in financing facilities, is a leading provider of advances to personal injury victims and their families. These vital advances allow plaintiffs to pay for medical care and general needs, allowing them and their attorney to focus on litigating the claim.Learn More >>


Echelon Medical Capital with its EMC Advance™ and EMC Turbo™ products offer innovative and superior liquidity solutions for the medical industry including doctors, hospitals, and surgery centers. Learn More >>


DRB’s CRG Financial utilizes its proprietary analytics and industry expertise to purchase bankruptcy trade claims, as well as, public and private distressed debt. Learn More >>


DRB’s Producer Advance division provides funding to insurance producers for their renewal commissions. Launched in September 2016, Producer Advance is quickly gaining market share and has exclusive relationships with several IMOs and insurance producers groups. Learn More >>


DRB Capital is a national specialty servicing company providing asset management and high touch servicing for investors in the specialty finance space. DRB services various asset classes on behalf of commercial banks, hedge funds, and private equity firms, as well as servicing private placement deals. Solutions include assets and esoteric asset due diligence, servicing, data analytics, and reporting and well as capital market expertise. The Company has achieved SOC 1 Type 1 certification, demonstrating its commitment to data security, privacy, and compliance controls. DRB services over 3,100 individual transactions per month and is primary servicer for $1.0B in assets. The Company is prepared to act as primary servicer and as a warm or hot back-up servicer for various types of financial assets. DRB is capable, competitively priced and responsive to the needs of its clients. Learn More >>


DRB Insurance Solutions (DRBIS) is a licensed insurance producer (P&C and Life, Health and Annuities). With its innovative and proprietary Statutory Capital Relief Program, DRBIS provides unique capital relief programs to insurance carriers selling fixed annuity products. Developed in conjunction with a major US law firm, this program frees up statutory capital allowing the carrier to improve its cash conversion ratio and write more premium. This easy to implement program delivers a profound impact on an annuity issuer’s bottom line.